Architecture of the intellectual property market

The level of development of the intellectual property market attests to the socio-economic potential of the state.

Digital technologies make it possible to launch creative products into economic circulation.
A deep cross-industry analysis of the world's leading economies made it possible to develop a universal five-level infrastructure of the intellectual property market. It takes into account the interests of the state, business and society. The infrastructure is able to work effectively regardless of the economic and cultural characteristics of the country.

Intellectual property in the economic turnover, based on infrastructure, allows you to reduce costs, speed up the processes of creating and monetizing creative products.

In the world, the integration of the new business model of the IP market infrastructure still continues to form its individual elements.
Stage 5 Industrial Business Applications and Cloud Services
Algo An automated solution for the secure deposition of source codes, designs and screenshots
GMM Monitoring and analyzing the use of audio recordings throughout TV& radio broadcasts, streaming services, social media, podcasts and live performances with an automated reporting function on usage statistics.
ROZUM One of the leading companies in the field of audio and video branding
Stage 4 Ecosystem Ecosystem Services
IRIS Digital ecosystem for creation, protection, using and monetizing all forms and objects of corporate and individual creativity
Stage 3 Platform Platform Solutions
Stage 2 Infrastructure Public Network Infrastructure
GEChain Records relevant facts at all stages of the life cycle of an IP item and rights to it and makes them available to all market participants
Stage 1 Governmental and Legal Regulators and Government Institution
National Intellectual Property Center SAKPATENTI