How it works

The GEChain.IP network is based on a platform for building solutions using blockchain technology, which is also called a distributed data registry. This technology, called HyperLedger Fabric, was developed by the Apache Foundation consortium together with IBM.


The use of the blockchain makes the sphere of intellectual property economically efficient and as transparent as possible, and also allows you to build fiduciary relationships:

With authors who are given the opportunity to quickly consolidate the rights and priority of the IP item, as well as a phased examination in specialized organizations and obtain a patent.


With scientific and educational organizations that can freely involve IP items both in non-commercial and commercial circulation for scientific and educational purposes,, to create an effective system of rights management, to form mechanisms for the payment of fair remuneration.


With institutions of innovative development, which are given the opportunity to create new goods and services for managing intellectual property on a digital platform, to quickly interact with state bodies during the r registration of rights to IP items, as well as pre-trial and judicial settlement of disputes.


With collective management organizations, which can freely exchange information between registers of IP items and ensure transparency of their use for rightsholders.

The decentralized network of GEChain.IP creates a single trustworthy digital space that allows all network participants to have up-to-date information about new items, track the stages of their legal protection and the chain of transactions. Due to the open information about disputes and conflicts, GEChain.IP significantly reduces the risks when making transactions with IP items.

GEChain.IP is a platform for the development of various services in the field of intellectual property, which help to make the services market more transparent. The network allows you to store and put into circulation all types of items of intellectual rights, including those created with the help of artificial intelligence.

The decentralized network of transactions GEChain.IP operates on the basis of international treaties and agreements, which makes it possible to implement them in the digital environment.