GEChain.IP records transactions at all stages of work with intellectual property rights:

  • Creation

    Creation and/or deposit in digital form of a new IP item, including indicating the features of its creation - processing, merging (collecting), partial modification.

  • Access

    Changing the method and/or conditions of access to the IP items, including the issuance of a national or other patent, or the termination of legal protection, changing the rightsholder, announcement of open and/or royalty-free licenses, restrictions and exemptions from exclusive rights arising in connection with the legal provisions.

  • Warranty

    Actions that create additional guarantees when using the item, such as - various types of mandatory and voluntary examinations.

  • Value

    The determination of the value of rights to the items, as a result of inventories, market valuation, economic transactions, including insurance and compensation payments for various methods of use.

  • cOnflict

    A statement of infringement of rights by the author, rightsholder, user or acquirer, participant of a smart contract, as well as the beginning or completion of the consideration of such disputes in courts or independent intermediaries.

  • Transaction

    Implementation of any transactions, including during the implementation of smart contracts with rights and/or items of intellectual property, including information on the beginning or completion of such transactions.