November 15, 2022

First-Ever Performance of BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and AI Takes Place in Manchester

In Manchester, UK a unique performance of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and Artificial Intelligence took place.

For the first time in human history, AI took part in the creation of all three parts of the symphony. According to the New Scientist, the compositions were composed by scientist, Robert Laidlow, whose work with AI formed the basis of his doctoral dissertation. Laidlow used the following AI technologies: Musnet to create sheet music, DDSPV-VST to develop orchestral sounds, PRISM SampleRNN to create raw sounds.

Working with DDSPV-VST was not easy. For example, it was challenging to create sounds similar to a bow. Working with PRiSM SampleRNN also created occasional issues, such as when it reproduced applause and the voice of the presenter from previous recordings. This occurred due to the fact that this type of AI technology processed recordings from twenty years of BBC Philharmonic performances and at the initial stage did not produce the sounds that were needed.

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